CCTV Inspections

USi specializes in CCTV inspection of pipeline.  Our equipment will traverse 6” pipe to tunnels providing clear visual data of every defect we find.  Every one of our CCTV operators is PACP qualified and has undergone extensive training before making calls in accordance with NASSCO guidelines.  Our Quality Assurance / Quality Control staff provides a valuable check to make sure we get it right before submitting any data to our clients.


We are frequently required to clean as we go.  Our cleaning processes will remove grease, other deposits, and roots from sewer pipe, thus creating the conditions needed for a quality CCTV inspection.

Manhole Inspections

USi developed proprietary software to aid in the surface inspection of manholes, providing quality inspection reports that exceed NASSCO standards.  Our typical report contains still photos of the inspection.  We will also include video when required.

Smoke Testing

We have vast experience Smoke Testing sewer lines at the local and federal levels.  It is a cost effective way to help locate infiltrations into collection systems.

Corrosion Inspections

USi has performed numerous corrosion inspections in concert with our partners specializing in corrosion.

Flow Monitoring

USi provides long and short term flow monitoring services with state of the art flow monitors.

Collection System Verification

USi performs collection system verification employing several techniques, including dye testing, GPS mapping and asset inventory.

Other Services Provided by USi

Grease trap inspections, laser profiling, and velocity profiling.

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